Do you want to learn Spanish in Santa Marta?

Meet Kelly, a language professor in Santa Marta who teaches English and Spanish. Kelly founded the Clases de Ingles Language School in Santa Marta around 5 years ago. Kelly gives English and Spanish lessons both online and in person. Kelly specializes in teaching Spanish and English grammar.

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Improve Your Spanish

If you are planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking nation, Kelly can help you study and improve your Spanish online via Skype, giving you a head start before you arrive. If you are currently in Colombia and want to visit Santa Marta, please contact Kelly to reserve your spot in her Spanish classes.

It is critical to master the terms used by Colombians since they employ some extremely unusual expressions. Colombians in the Santa Marta Coast are known as “Costeno’s.”

Colombian Coastal Spanish

Coastal Spanish refers to a group of dialects that are part of the Caribbean variants of the Spanish language and are spoken on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast, which is located in the country’s north and borders the Caribbean Sea.

Santa Marta Spanish Course

Where better to learn Spanish than in Santa Marta, Colombia? Kelly was born in Santa Marta and has travelled throughout Europe.

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