The Beaches

Santa Marta Beach Guide

The Beaches

The City Beaches

The beaches in the centre of the city are pretty dirty and horrid,they improve the  further you get away from the city. Taganga the beach is not great but you can take a boat to the next bay or take a walk to Playa  Grande.

El Rodadero

This is the most popular beach in Santa Marta. This area is  under redevelopment so its a  bit of a  mess at the  moment.  On this beach you will be bombarded with many sellers but just smile  and say Gracias and  they will soon get to know you  and not bother you too. much.


Playa Blanca and Inca Inca

Playa Blanca is one of the nicest beaches close to Santa Marta. You  can take a boat (lancha) there. There are  a few restaurants there and carpas for  rent so you can stay out of the sun. The water is often crystal clear and  the snorkelling is ok. Inca Inca is another beach between El Rodadero and Playa Blanca which you can get to buy boat. You can also  get here by  hiking,  moto,  or cycling there is a  great view from the top of the hill over looking the bay.

Playa Salguero

This section is South of Rodadero it is pretty quiet in the week. The sea is not so clear here as it is near to  Rio Gaira so there is often abit of debris floating around. Not a good place to swim at  certain times of the year during the wet season.